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How Drivers can stay healthy while on the road?

 Not just American drivers, but the entire global driving community face a unique challenge to keep them in shape and healthy. But keeping in shape and healthy is one of the most important criteria that keeps them safe, proactive and attentive on road. Truck drivers spend days sitting in the driver’s seat traveling great distances. It isn’t easy for a driver to stay fit and in good health being on the road. The long hours sitting behind the wheel, the difficulty of eating healthy meals while traveling, the enormous amount of the stress shippers, receivers, and dispatchers put on drivers all help lead to an unhealthy lifestyle.

We found a few ways to help a driver lead a healthy lifestyle while on the road. We hope it helps.

  1. Deadlines are important, but only second to safety. Stop throughout your driving day periodically to eat, socialize, to stretch and refresh.
  1. When you take a break, park your vehicle at the end of the parking lot to allow yourself more walking. You won’t realize it right away, but these additional steps will add up quickly. Have a walk around the area after your meal instead of sitting back and watching television. If you want to see what difference these extra steps are making, buy a cheap pedometer. It will show you how many steps you have taken in a day and will also encourage you to take few additional steps to see how much you can push the numbers in a day.
  1. You can also stock your cab with some basic exercise equipment (e.g. free weight) to tone and strengthen your upper portion of the body. However, be careful to store them in a safe place to prevent them from rolling around and damaging the inside of your cab. You can also use rubber resistance bands.
  1. Many truck stops are coming up with a concept of portable fitness center on their premises. Membership is generally affordable and is the best investment you can make in for your health.
  1. It’s convenient to grab fast food, however nowadays its not so cheap and the negative health affects from eating fast foods simply make the risk to great. Fast foods are loaded with fat, cholesterol, salt, sugar and preservatives, making a perfect recipe for high blood pressure, diabetes and can put your license at stake. So next time opt for healthy food like a salad, or a lean cut of meat with vegetables.
  1. Keep yourself hydrated. Driving dehydrates your body due to the lack of humidity in the cabin. Also avoid drinking anything that contains caffeinated or alcohol since it will only dehydrate you further and put you off your plan.