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Search Engine Optimization

Let Navistra help get your company ranking higher on all major search engines

SEO Search Engine Optimization

With more than 80% of internet traffic referred by search engines, and 90% of users not looking past the first 30 search results; you can see why search engines are the most important source of traffic for websites.

If you’re like most, your company has a website, Facebook and LinkedIn page and perhaps a Twitter account. Are these avenues driving potential business to your company? Are you getting the traffic you hoped to receive?

Search Engine Optimization is a time consuming, ongoing process, and expensive process. Partly due to the highly complex algorithms created by the major search engines such as Google and Yahoo in order to present end users the most relevant search results.

How can Navistra help my website achieve better search engine rankings?

All search engines crawl websites searching for keywords, freshness of content, and important connections between pages, better known as links. This process determines how your website will rank on search engines.

Navistra’s Search engine optimization strategies focus on many ways to achieve high rankings. To obtain strong organic placement. Some of our SEO technics include

→ URL Structuring

→ Meta Tag Optimization

→ Content and Image Optimization

→ Link Strategy

→ Site Navigation

Making your site user friendly, with informative information visitors are looking is the best route for achieving high search engine rankings.




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