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Custom Software Development

Nowadays business is fierce, if a business is not on top of its game and a leader within its industry it becomes a struggle to stay afloat. Unfortunately for most businesses when it comes to technology they face challenges.

Navistra’s software development services offer a full complement of services including consulting, designing, building client-specific custom software, and launching.

Our application development process insures you meet your specific technology needs and assists you throughout the full life cycle of development, from defining requirements, documenting specifications, developing, testing, to integration. The end product will provide you superior architecture, greater agility, lower costs, and ease of integration with new technology as it becomes available.

Our capabilities and experience in software development include:

  • Web applications, client server applications, mobile applications and legacy applications
  • Design, Build and deploy next generation, scalable software applications and systems which can help you achieve strategic IT and business objectives
  • Team of Industry leading programmers and consultants who are creative, highly experienced and proficient in the latest technologies, including Lisp, Haskell, Java, Mobility technologies as well as cloud computing, and much more.
  • To develop a complete custom software application that not only meets your needs but exceeds your business needs


Why choose Navistra? What Makes Us Stand Out

  • We are committed to positive customer experience and building long-term relationships
  • Our software development services are backed by our proven methodologies and highly experienced engineers
  • Our commitment communication and collaboration ensures our clients always know about the process flows and project status
  • In order to accelerate time to market, we empower rapid application development (RAD) ensuring smooth iterative development, healthy collaborative environment, and strong requirement gathering.