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Mobile Application Development Mobile App Development

If you’re not speaking the language of “mobile”, you may be missing out on a number of opportunities. And the language of mobile is all about Apps. From an App to make fleet management easier to a simple learning game for a child. Apps are fast becoming part of our everyday world.

Do you have an idea for one? If so, we’ll help you not only develop it, but bring it to market and put it right in front of those who could benefit from it the most.


The process from start to finish


During this process we work with you to gain a strong understanding of your idea. What do you want to achieve? Who is the end user? What features do you need and want? Time frame and budgets? We look for every detail down to the font style and color.


This is where your idea comes to life. All the information we have obtained is put together and then we walk through the entire project, from the look and feel, to the flow and layout. Once all the elements have been approved the project is given our engineers.

Design and Coding

We believe a beautiful design and coding is user friendly, simple, and elegant. It’s an experience that flows seamlessly for the user. Together we work to insure the end user has a positive experience.

A critical part of any application is when it’s time to bring the application “live”. The experts at Navistra have extensive experience taking small to large scale applications from development and production to operational on a variety of platforms and frameworks. Our unique testing methods allow us to be confident in a smooth and successful launch.


Once your application has been successfully launched, we will monitor application to make sure it continues to operate smoothly. The long term success of your application is of utmost importance to us.


Navistra’s Mobile app development teams latest project, the GeoTrackz driver app

GeoTrackz Driver App