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Cargo and Asset Theft Monitoring Service


It is estimated that asset and cargo theft totals well over $15 billion dollars a year in the United States alone. The theft of one truckload can be upwards of a million dollars. Most often once a shipment is taken it is never recovered and sold almost immediately on the black market. This can cause catastrophic financial losses and huge hidden costs such as lost sales, cost of investigations and even potential product liability litigation. The risk is even greater when travel is in high risk areas or across borders. Theft of assets and cargo has been around for centuries, from merchants and traders being attacked on roads to ships being seized by pirates. The crime has evolved into a sophisticated operation. Today criminals are organized into international crime syndicate. It is an international concern that affects consumers and business alike.


Act now before it happens to you.


Asset and Caro tracking Protecting Your Assets and Cargo Is Our Business

Unfortunately most people do not think about theft until it happens to them. Navistra’s active monitoring service provides peace of mind to our clients.

We provide you comprehensive asset and cargo security and visibility from origin to destination. Having Navistra’s active monitoring service protects your assets and cargo from theft by continuous tracking via our state-of-the-art monitoring center using our revolutionary Geotrackz™ technology. Navistra is uniquely positioned to deliver regional and global visibility.

Together we work with you to set predefined boundaries (Geo-Fencing), and start and stop cycles for each asset or shipment. If your asset or cargo violates a predefined boundary or the start and stop cycle is violated Navistra’s Rapid response team will initiate recovery.

→ Together we work with you to determine and set predefined boundaries, including start and stop cycles

→ Receive instant notifications of events

→ Google Maps ™ interface including street-level viewing

→ Protect your assets and cargo anywhere in the world

→ Peace of mind knowing we have your back

→ In the event of theft Navistra’s Rapid Response Team ™ will initiate recovery.

→ Complete records including police reports for insurance purposes

Navistra is fast becoming the preferred single- source provider for a growing list of leading consumer electronics, food and beverage, luxury retail, tobacco, pharmaceuticals and other high-value manufacturers and shippers.


 Protect your costly assets, reduce theft, and have peace of mind knowing Navistra’s got your back.

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