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Asset & Cargo Monitoring Theft Overview

Most companies do not think about asset & cargo monitoring until it happens to them. It’s no surprise most assets or cargo that are stolen are never recovered. This can cause catastrophic financial losses and huge hidden costs. The loss of customer satisfaction alone can make it impossible for some businesses to continue on.   This risk is compounded in high risk areas or when crossing borders with shipments or assets.

Protecting Your Assets and Your Business

Navistra’s 24/7 real-time location tracking will help you make sure your assets or cargo are where they are supposed to be. Your assets or  cargo is continuously tracked via Geotrackz state-of-the-art web-based platform.

→ If your asset crosses any boundaries that you have defined – you will get an alert

→ If your asset stops or starts moving – you will get an alert

→ If you suspect an asset or shipment has been stolen – you can initiate tracking every 15 seconds while you contact authorities

→ If you’d rather have the experts handle tracking – Hire the experts at Navistra

You can actively monitor your cargo or asset with Navistra’s solutions. This can help you to reduce the chances of theft, spoilage, counterfeiting, and more.

Navistra is uniquely positioned to deliver not only regional, but global, visibility. We are fast becoming the preferred source for many manufacturers and shippers in various industries such as: food and beverage, luxury retail, tobacco, and pharmaceuticals, to name just a few. We will help you protect your assets and cargo, too.

Protect your costly assets or Cargo from theft, mobile or fixed. Navistra’s technology will help you eliminate theft with our 24/7 real-time location asset and cargo monitoring services. Your Cargo and/or Asset is tracked and monitored continuously around the clock via Geotrackz state of the art web-based platform. Geotrackz automatically provides clients notification when a pre-defined event occurs. If your asset crosses the predefined boundaries or if it starts or stops moving, you will receive instant notification. If you suspect that an asset or shipment be stolen, you can initiate tracking every 15 seconds while you contact the authorities. For clients that rather let the experts handle monitoring and tracking, ask about Navistra’s premium service. When a shipment or asset is stolen there can be catastrophic financial losses as well as additional hidden costs. These range from product recalls, lost sales and diminished customer loyalty to the cost of investigations and even potential product liability litigation. The risk is even greater when travel is in high risk areas or across borders. Navistra offers clients real-time tracking and monitoring solutions that provide organizations with comprehensive asset and cargo security and visibility from origin to destination. Using Navistra’s solutions, clients can actively monitor their cargo and assets anywhere in the world to mitigate the risks associated with theft. Navistra is uniquely positioned to deliver regional and global visibility. Navistra is fast becoming the preferred single- source provider for a growing list of leading consumer electronics, food and beverage, luxury retail, tobacco, pharmaceuticals and other high-value manufacturers and shippers.