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Fleet Management Mobile Display Unit


Navistra’s G7 Mobile Display Unit

Navistra’s Fleet Management Mobile Display Unit is perfect for Fleets looking for a cost effective option. Besides from our standard features, customers have the option to have Navistra develop custom applications specific for their market. The G7 connects to Navistra’s 4225 either through a wired serial cable or wireless using Bluetooth or WiFi technologies. This makes the G7 ideally suited to deliver value-added applications to long-haul trucking, local fleet, asset delivery and mobile workforce management market segments.




Navistra G7 features small size, rugged design, wired and wireless connectivity, on-board memory and micro SD support, front and rear facing cameras and a 7″ touch display. These features allow the G7 to support generic applications to be ported or developed specifically for your business needs while providing an economical device. The G7 platform centralizes workflow applications, which reduces driver paperwork, integrates driver dispatching and messaging, and communicates critical information from the driver and vehicle directly back to you.. Messages and captured information are transported across the cellular network via the 4225 and displayed on our Revolutionary Geotrackz™ System. The G7 is designed to dramatically reduce cost of ownership while providing an expansible platform for your business.

→ Two-way Messaging

→ Dispatch

→ Camera

→ Navigation

→ 7″ touch display

→ Weather Alerts