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Transportation Management Software

Custom Transportation Management Software System (TMS)

Navistra is a technology company with a major focus on the logistics sector. Combined the team of experts at Navistra have more than 50 years of experience in the logistics industry with vast experience of enabling companies to harness the real power of technology to improve their business process, bring transparency, and streamline their work flow. With such deep understanding of the logistics sector, Navistra is well positioned to assist clients gain a competitive edge through the use of technology.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Why you should consider having a Custom Transportation Management Software (TMS) system developed specially for your needs. Have you ever bought a new car only to realize that out of all of its gadgets and features, you really only used a few? How about ordered a cable package only to find that you only watch a handful of stations? If you didn’t need the extra features, then why pay for them? Technology is constantly changing and so we don’t believe in the old, stale “one size fits all” model.

Stop paying ridiculous fees for off the shelve software

With other transportation management systems, you may be paying for features you don’t need or missing features that you and your team would love to have. It’s time to have a Custom Transportation Management Software (TMS) system created specifically for your needs and tailored to your specs.


A recent project, our Revolutionary Geotrackz™ Dispatching Software and Tracking System created for transportation brokers needing cutting edge technology to help compete with asset based carriers.



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